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    Saucony Endorphin Pro 4

    The Saucony Endorphin Pro 4 is a premium road racing shoe that is built to deliver your best performance in races ranging from the 5K to the marathon.

    After establishing itself as one of the best marathon racing options on the market for the past several years, the Saucony Endorphin Pro series is showing no signs of slowing down with the introduction of its 4th iteration. The Endorphin Pro 4 keeps everything runners love about the series while making upgrades in key areas to elevate its performance even more.

    The biggest upgrade seen in the Endorphin Pro 4 is the addition of PWRRUN HG cushioning in the top layer of the midsole. This highly responsive and lightweight foam compound is also found in Saucony's pinnacle race day shoe, the Endorphin Elite, and helps to deliver an even more energetic underfoot experience. The layer of PWRRUN HG sits within a carrier of PWRRUN PB cushioning that helps to stabilize the softer foam and add durability. Meanwhile, a carbon plate is embedded between the two layers of foam, working in conjunction with the SPEEDROLL geometry to deliver silky smooth transitions and a highly efficient ride from start to finish.

    In the outsole, the lattice designed rubber in the forefoot is combined with strategic rubber placements in the heel. This assures a low overall weight of the shoe without losing the traction needed for fast turns. The Endorphin Speed 4 is wrapped up with a minimal, yet secure upper that is refined with small, but noticeable improvements throughout. In particular, the integrated tongue not only offers a more streamlined fit, but delivers extreme comfort and an amazing lock-down.

    All in all, the Saucony Endorphin Pro 4 represents another leap forward for the brand and looks to cement itself as one of the best marathon racing shoes money can buy.

    Midsole Technology:

    PWRRUN HG foam cushioning is strategically placed directly underneath the foot to offer optimal rebound.
    PWRRUN PB foam cushioning makes up the majority of the midsole and continues to deliver the lightweight and responsive ride that it's known for.
    Super Responsive Sockliner (SRS) offers an additional layer of supercritical foam cushioning
    Carbon-Fiber Plate delivers the perfect amount of pop and burst.
    SPEEDROLL Technology is a blend of max cushioning and speed geometry that allows you to run faster, not harder.

    Outsole Technology:

    XT-900 Rubber offers excellent traction without adding a lot of weight.

    Upper Technology:

    Race Ready design is minimal and refined to strike the optimal balance between comfort and performance


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    Saucony Endorphin Speed 4

    The Saucony Endorphin Speed 4 is a premium, uptempo running shoe that is as versatile as it is fast.

    Since its introduction to the running scene, the Saucony Endorphin Speed has earned the reputation of being a fantastic lightweight and fast running shoe that dedicated runners love to lace up on speed days and longer faster efforts. With the fourth iteration, we see a lot of the same magic that made the Speed 3 one of the best shoes money could buy, in addition to some upgrades that help make the shoe more efficient and more stable.

    Starting with the midsole, the Endorphin Speed 4 features the same wonderfully soft and responsive PWRRUN PB cushioning that encases a redesigned winged nylon plate. These two elements work with the SPEEDROLL geometry to deliver a highly energetic and efficient underfoot experience. The winged plate adds torsional rigidity in the heel while maintaining flexibility through the forefoot. This offers the stability runners need for cornering and making tight turns while simultaneously propelling the foot forward. Meanwhile, the PWRRUN PB offers an ultra-bouncy ride that makes track workouts a blast while delivering the protection needed to tackle long runs with ease.

    In the outsole, the lattice designed rubber layout offers fantastic traction and durability. Despite the technology that's packed into this shoe, the Speed 4 is very lightweight. Helping to keep the weight down is the engineered mesh upper that strikes the perfect balance between being minimal yet secure. The integrated tongue not only helps with lock down, but it is so comfortable that you'll forget it's there.

    Overall, the Endorphin Speed 4 carries the legacy of its predecessors while adding a bit of flare that elevates it to be a shoe that helps runners push the pace during their hardest training efforts.

    Midsole Technology:

    PWRRUN PB foam cushioning is ultra-lightweight and highly responsive, making for a fast and efficient underfoot experience.
    Super Responsive Sockliner adds additional supercritical cushioning for a fantastic step-in feel.
    Nylon Winged Plate has been re-designed to add torsional rigidity for added stability.
    SPEEDROLL Technology geometry helps runners move through their strides efficiently.

    Outsole Technology:

    XT-900 Rubber with a lattice design layout for excellent traction and durability.

    Upper Technology:

    Zonal Mesh material forms upper and offers a comfortable and secure fit.


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    New Balance FuelCell 996v5 Pickleball

    Our all new Pickleball shoe is here!
    Zip around the court in comfort and style in the New Balance Fuel Cell 996v5. With a lightweight Fuel Cell foam midsole that is paired with a hardwearing NDurance rubber outsole for a pickleball shoe that provides superior comfort and traction. With its eye-catching mesh upper, this high-performing shoe makes a style statement both on and off the court.
    -FuelCell foam delivers a propulsive feel to help drive you forward
    -Synthetic/mesh construction
    -NDure upper technology designed for superior durability
    -Added lateral stability with a higher midsole topline
    -PU support on the tip for durability where needed
    -NDurance rubber outsole technology provides superior durability in high-wear areas to help get more out of the shoes
    -Herringbone outsole pattern
    -Adjustable lace closure for a customized fit

    Available in both Men's and Women's!

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    ON Cloudflow 4

    Light. Responsive. And seriously quick. Lead training or racing in a shoe that's fast for everyone.

    Weight: 200g

    Lightweight woven upper for next-gen speed and breathability

    Ultra-responsive cushioning sensation with Helion superfoam

    Inspired by our fastest shoe, the Cloudboom Echo

    Irresistible forward-roll for picking up the pace

    True to size!

    Available in Men's and Women's!

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    New Balance 880v14

    Whatever your preferred running routine looks like, theres no shoe that handles it quite like the 880. The Fresh Foam X 880v14 is an evolution in everyday reliability, featuring superior underfoot cushioning and a structured, supportive upper.

    Fresh Foam X midsole foam with approximately 3% bio-based content delivers our most cushioned Fresh Foam experience for incredible comfort.
    Neutral cushioning for runners who do not require additional stability

    Available in both Men's and Women's in both stores and online!

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    Saucony Guide 17

    The Guide 17 is your max cushioned everyday running shoe, featuring our exclusive CenterPath Technology. Broader platform, higher sidewalls, and asymmetric profile guides your foot through its entire stride to reduce fatigue and help prevent injury. Much like an ultra-luxe SUV, this one also packs a sleek modern exterior and plush interior, making it equally suited for workouts and daily wear. It's the ultimate Support Utility Vehicle - without being hard to park.

    Maximum comfort - the PWRRUN+ sockliner coupled with PWRRUN midsole provides a soft feel the moment you step in.

    CenterPath Technology-A modern approach to stability focused on comfort and protection, featuring a broader platform, higher sidewalls and asymmetric profile to guide your stride.

    Stable, smooth strides - broader platform and higher sidewalls cushion and guide your gait.

    Available in both Men's and Women's in both stores and online!

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    Brooks Glycerin 21

    Enjoy supreme softness and ultimate comfort from your first step. The neutral Glycerin 21 women's running shoe provides a plush ride thanks to more DNA LOFT v3 cushioning than before plus a new, more streamlined upper that delivers structure and breathability.

    -DNA LOFT technology is designed to provide a plush and responsive cushioning experience. It aims to adapt to each runner's stride, offering a comfortable and customized feel.

    The Glycerin series is generally categorized as a neutral running shoe. This means it is suitable for runners with a neutral or normal pronation pattern. While it may provide some support, it doesn't include extensive stability features, making it less suitable for overpronators.

    The Glycerin 21 is designed to offer a comfortable and secure fit. The shoe aims to provide a glove-like feel, accommodating the natural movement of the foot during a run. The plush cushioning also contributes to overall comfort.

    The outsole of the Glycerin 21 is designed to be durable, providing traction and resisting wear and tear over the course of many miles.

    The Brooks Glycerin 21 is here! Get yours today! Available in both Men's and Women's in store and online!

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    Hoka Arahi 7

    The Hoka Arahi 7 is a running shoe that has garnered attention for its innovative design and performance features. As the seventh iteration in the Arahi series, this model continues to uphold the reputation of its predecessors while introducing enhancements that cater to the needs of avid runners.

    One standout feature of the Hoka Arahi 7 is its unique stability technology. Designed for runners who overpronate, the shoe incorporates a J-Frame technology that provides support to the foot by guiding it through a more natural gait cycle. This not only enhances stability during the running motion but also contributes to a smoother and more efficient stride.

    The shoe's upper is crafted with a lightweight and breathable mesh material, allowing for optimal ventilation during runs. This feature is particularly beneficial for long-distance runners or those training in various weather conditions, ensuring that the feet stay cool and comfortable throughout the workout.

    Furthermore, the Arahi 7 boasts a plush cushioning system, a hallmark of Hoka's design philosophy. The midsole is equipped with the brand's signature oversized EVA foam, delivering a responsive and cushioned feel that minimizes impact on joints. This combination of stability and cushioning makes the shoe suitable for both training and race days.

    The outsole of the Hoka Arahi 7 is designed with durability and traction in mind. The strategic placement of rubber on the outsole provides reliable grip on different surfaces, offering confidence to runners navigating varied terrains.

    In terms of aesthetics, the Arahi 7 maintains a sleek and modern look, with a range of color options to suit different preferences. The attention to detail in design, coupled with the performance-driven features, makes the shoe not only functional but also visually appealing.

    In conclusion, the Hoka Arahi 7 stands out as a versatile and high-performance running shoe. Whether you are a seasoned marathoner or a casual jogger, the combination of stability, cushioning, and durability makes this model a noteworthy choice for those looking to enhance their running experience.

    Get yours today! Available in both Men's and Women's!

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    Saucony Ride 17

    The Saucony Ride 17 represents a significant milestone in the evolution of running shoes, catering to the needs of both seasoned athletes and casual runners alike. This latest iteration seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with a commitment to comfort, making it a standout choice in the competitive world of running footwear.

    One of the key features that sets the Saucony Ride 17 apart is its advanced cushioning system. Engineered with precision, the shoe integrates responsive midsole materials that provide an optimal balance between support and flexibility. This ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, reducing the impact on joints during the entire running gait cycle. Whether you're logging miles on the road or hitting the trails, the Ride 17's cushioning delivers a plush yet responsive feel, enhancing overall performance.

    In addition to its impressive cushioning, the Saucony Ride 17 boasts a lightweight design. Runners will appreciate the breathable mesh upper that not only contributes to the shoe's overall lightness but also promotes proper ventilation, keeping feet cool and dry. The strategic placement of overlays offers a secure fit without sacrificing flexibility, making every stride feel natural and effortless.

    Durability is a hallmark of the Saucony brand, and the Ride 17 is no exception. The outsole is crafted from high-quality rubber with a pattern designed for optimal traction on various surfaces. This ensures longevity, making the shoe a reliable companion for the many miles ahead.

    Saucony has also embraced a sleek and modern aesthetic with the Ride 17. Available in a range of stylish colorways, the shoe not only performs exceptionally but also looks good doing it. The attention to detail in the design reflects Saucony's commitment to creating a product that meets both performance and aesthetic standards.

    In conclusion, the Saucony Ride 17 stands out as a testament to the brand's dedication to innovation and excellence in the realm of running shoes. Whether you're a seasoned runner seeking the latest advancements or a beginner looking for a comfortable and reliable option, the Ride 17 is a compelling choice that delivers on all fronts. Lace up a pair, hit the pavement, and experience the perfect blend of comfort, performance, and style.

    Available in both Men's and Women's!

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    Mizuno Wave Inspire 20

    The Mizuno Wave Inspire has long been a favorite of runners looking for moderate-to-high support for overpronation in a package that feels light and responsive on the run.

    If youve been a fan of previous versions of the Mizuno Wave Inspire, the Wave Inspire 20 brings a lighter and more supportive fit to Mizunos flagship stability running shoe.

    Some new perks of the shoe include:
    A new jacquard mesh upper improves breathability while ensuring a perfect fit. Strategically placed print overlays create a soft feel that hugs the foot in all the right places and a stitch-free gusseted tongue delivers a secure midfoot wrap.

    Soft cushion and high energy return. It offers the runner 17% more cushion and 15% more energy return.

    A shape designed for an over pronator. Lateral and medial side support in order to avoid a foot leaning excessively inwards or outwards.

    An anatomical plate to fit foot shape for an even smoother transition from heel to toe.

    Available in Men's and Women's

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